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Article updated for : 2019
Publication : 2015
Author : François DROUET
All rigths reserved
French version



Where to get pomegranate cultivars ?




More and more people know that pomegranate is like the apple for the varieties diversity and would be happy to enjoy it.

Often, correspondents or visitors of the Web site ask me "Where to get cultivars of Pomegranate ?".

I am not able to exhaustively answer this question, of course. But I list hereafter the nurseries and other sources for plants and cuttings of Punica granatum that I know, in France, in the other European countries and in the USA (for the latter, only the nurseries exporting to Europe).

I have not indicated the wholesale nurseries. Nevertheless, in a few countries (in particular Italy and Spain), some of the wholesale nurseries provide the commercial orchards with very interesting pomegranate cultivars that cannot be found on the retail market.





The offer of rare Punica granatum L. cultivars is rather important in France.

To concretely show it, I indicate for each of the nurseries all the cultivars it offers, updating the list of cultivars at the beginning of each year.

Shipping nurseries (inside France and to the European Union countries)

Pépinières Quissac, fruit cultivars : Acco, Agat, Alak Parende Saveh, Alk Pust Ghermez, Al Sirin Nar, Aperonskii, Ariana, Asmar, Azerbaijan 3, Baku, Bala Mursal, Belbek, Big Bomb, Borjanski, Chernaya Rosa, Citron, Deeraje Yadz, Desertnyi, Domaci Slatki, Eversweet, Fabestaijo Siljerd, Fina Tendral, Fleshman, Forme Reeze, Gabès, Gabsi, Ganesh, Ghojaghe Shaparc, Gissarskii Alsyi, Gissarskii Rozovyi, Gloden Globe, Gordo di Jativa, Granada, Hermione, Hicaznar, Hyrdonar x Goulosha, Hyrdonar x Kiemizy Ak Bah, Iran (M), Kabylie, Kaj Acik Anor, Kaim Anor, Kandahari, Kazake, Kirmiz Qabub, Khoram Reeze, Lavergne Male, Liffani, Liffani Sweet, Lyubimyi, Mae, Meykhose Done Ghermez, Mahali Dezful, Malase Ardakan, Malase Esfahan, Malissi, Malta, Meknès, Mollar de Elche, Myatadzhy, Nikitski Ranni, Noir de Kandahar, Noir de Portugal, Pamyatti Rosanova, Parfianka, Provence, Purple Heart, Qaragile, Quirmiz Qabub, Ras El Bagl, Red Acco, Reejab Shiraz, Salavatski, Seedless, Shami, Shirine Zabol, Shomare 2 Snar, Sirenevyi, Sogdiana, Sumbar, Sumbarski, Surh Anor, Sverkhranniy, Sweet, Teheran, Torsche Yadz, Torsche Esfahan, Uzbek, Valenciana, Vishnevyi, Vkusnyi, Wonderful. Ornamental cultivars : Haku Botan, Legrelliae, Luteum Plenum, Maxima Rubra, Nana, Sicile. Other cultivars in collection, to order according to availabilities.

Pépinières Baud : see the pomegranate catalog and the page indicating the availabilities because the rare varieties do not appear in the catalog. Fruit cultivars : Acco, Agat, Ariana, Asmar, Desertnyi, Fleshman, Gabès, Gissarskii Rozovyi, Kabylie, Kazake, Fina Tendral, Jativa, Malissi, Molla Nepes, Mollar de Elche, Myatadzhy, Parfianka, Provence, Ras El Barrel, Red Acco, Salavatski, Seedless, Shami, Sirenevyi, Sogdiana, Sverkhranniy, Sweet, Vishnevyi, Vkusnyi, Wonderful. Ornamental cultivars : Fruits Noirs, Fruits Violets, Maxima Rubra, Luteum, Legrelliae, Toryu Shibori, Nana, Nana Gracillis. Possible multiplication of cultivars not appearing on the Web site. Very large collection (list on request).

Pépinière du Bosc, cultivars : 116-17, Acco, Fina Tendral, Fleshman, Fruits Noirs, Gabès, Hermioni, Hicaz, Kandahari, Meknès, Mollar de Elche, Parfianka, Pépins tendres n° 1, Pépins tendres n° 2, Pépins tendres n° 3, Pépins tendres n° 4, Provence Douce, Red Angel, Wonderful, Wonderful précoce.

Frédéric Cochet, cultivars : Afghanistan, Fina Tendral, Fleshman, Gabès, Grèce Harmonie, Magnès, Mollar de Elche, Provence, Seedless, Turc, Wonderful.

Pépinière de Haute Provence, cultivars : Acco, Hermione, Hicaz, Mollar de Elche, Parfianka, Provence, Wonderful.

Pépinière Permafruit, cultivars : Mollar de Elche, Parfianka, Périgord Précoce, Provence Douce, Sverkhranniy, Sweet, Wonderful.

A l'ombre des Figuiers, cultivars : Acco, Fina Tendral, Mollar de Elche, Parfianka, Wonderful.

Pépins perdus, cultivars : Acco, Fina Tendral, Mollar de Elche, Wonderful.

Pépinières Gauthier, cultivars : Fina Tendral, Gafsa, Provence, Wonderful.

Conservatoire Végétal Régional d'Aquitaine, cultivars : Kabylie, Mollar de Elche, Provence, Seedless.

La Maison du Bananier, cultivars : Fina Tendral, Mollar de Elche, Provence, Wonderful.

Pépinière Filippi, fruit cultivars : Fina Tendral, Mollar de Elche, Provence. Ornamental cultivars (some of them fruiting) : Fruits Violets, Legrelliae, Luteum Plenum, Maxima Rubra, Nana Gracillissima.

La Grenattitude, producer (juice, fruits) and nurseryman, who offers according to the website "pomegranate plants  in large quantities intended primarily for farmers". Cultivars : Acco, Agat, Al Sirin Nar, Asmar, Fleshman, Gabès, Hermione, Hicaz, Kandahari, Kazake, Fina Tendral, Malissi, Meknès, Mollar de Elche, Provence Douce, Ras El Barrel, Rouge de Bagnols, Salavatski, Seedless, Sweet, Wonderful. Others cultivars in collection.


No shipping nurseries

Pépinière Seb Tan & L'idée verte (82000 Montauban ; sale on site and at plants fairs), cultivars : Fina Tendral, Gabès, Fleshman, Meknès, Parfianka, Mollar de Elche, Wonderful.

Jardinerie Riera (13770 Venelles ; sale on site only), fruit cultivars : Fina Tendral, Gabès, Kabylie, Mollar de Elche, Provence, Seedless. Ornamental cultivars : Maxima Rubra, Legrelliae, Nana, Nana Gracillis.

Pépinières Nogier (30130 Saint-Paulet-de-Caisson ; e-mail because no Web site ; phone number : 00 33 (0) 4 66 39 17 78 ; sale on site only), cultivars : Hermione, Kandahari, Meknès, Mollar de Elche, Seedless, Wonderful.



Scionwoods Exchange Facility

To get cuttings and multiply by yourself rare cultivars, you may consult the pomegranate varieties offered in the Scionwoods Exchange Facility.

See my article for the presentation of this outstanding feature existing on the Net.



On the date of the last update of this article, the Conservatory of Specialized Plants Collections (CCVS : Conservatoire des Collections Végétales Spécialisées) presents a collection of cultivars of Punica granatum L. This is the collection of the Quissac nursery (250 cultivars). The latter appears in the list of French nurseries provided earlier in the article.

I recommend to consult every year the collections directory located on the Web site of the CCVS, in order to determine if other collections have been added for Punica granatum L. 

In general, the owners of collections registered with the CCVS (individuals, professionals, institutions...) willingly exchange or sell cuttings, scionwoods or plants.




I indicate for each of the nurseries all the cultivars it offers, updating the list of cultivars at the beginning of each year.

Unless specified, all the listed nurseries ship to Europe, even if, for some of them, that is not explicitly stated on their Web site.


Hortensis, cultivars : Anar Torsh, Armenia, Belbek, Bulgaria 1, Bulgaria 2, Dente di Cavallo, Entek Habi Saveh, Kandhar Kabli, Kazake, K5, Langen, Lyubimi, Mollar de Elche, Oer, Provence, Rosso Gigante, Russian (syn. Salavatsky), Russian 26, Schwarzwald (Black Forest), Tirol, Uzbek, Wien.

Palma Palmetto, cultivars : Dente di Cavallo, Entek Habi Saveh, Kazake, Mollar de Elche, Nana, Nana Zwerg, Nigra (Nero), Persien, Provence, Rosso Gigante, Sotchi Russia, Surh-Anor, Turkey Giant, var. 1 (Russia v. Afghanistanica), Wonderful.

Amazona Organics, cultivars : Agat, Ako, Al Sirin Nar, Anar Yadz, Asmar, Austin, Azadi, Dente di Cavallo, Entek Habi Saveh, Israel, Kaj-Acik-Anor, Kazake, Mollar de Elche, Noire de Kandahar, Provence. Ornamental cultivar : Haku Botan.



Palm Center in Bulgaria, cultivars : Dente di Cavallo, Nana, Rosso Gigante, var 1 (origin Lozenets) , var 2 (origin Lozenets), Wonderful.

Vrtni centar Drijen in Croatia, cultivars : Barski Slatki, Ciparski, Crni Nar (black pomegranate), Glavaš, Konjski Zub, Wonderful. Ornamental cultivars (ukrasni nar) : Variegata Lagrelle (Legrelliae ?), Ki Zakuro.

Koumtsidis Nursery in Greece, cultivars : Acco, Andromachi, Hermione, Hicaz, Ligapon, Mollar de Elche, Wonderful.



Vivaio Tara, cultivars : Antony Red,  AOC, Dolce Di Sicilia, Exo (nero), Gigante Del Convento, Hershkovitz, Mary Red, Mollar De Elche, Nano, Nero, Oiucaz, Peony Magic, Rabat, Wonderful, Wonderful One.

Vivaio Enzo Maioli, cultivars : 116/117, Acco, Dente di Cavallo, Gigante Granada, Hicaz, Hilo Bianco, Mollar de Elche, Nano, Nero, Parfianka, Rabat, Red Horse, Rossa Gigante, Tendral, Wonderful.

Vivaio Gabbianelli, cultivars : 116/117, Acco 128, Dente di Cavallo, Desertnyi, Hicaz, Mollar de Elche, Nero, Parfianka, Rosso Roscioli, Wonderful.

Vivai Spallacci, cultivars : 116/117, Acco 128, Antony Red, Crisanzio, Dente di Cavallo, Dolce Siciliana, Mary Red, Mollar de Elche, Parfianka, Rosso Roscioli, Wonderful.

Euro Plants Vivai, cultivars : 116/117, Acco 128, Dente di Cavallo, Mollar, Nero, Parfianka, Wonderful.

Fratelli Ingegnoli, cultivars : 116/117, Dente di Cavallo, Mollar, Parfianka, Wonderful.

Vivaio Belfiore (no shipping outside Italy), cultivars : Dente di Cavallo, Di Alessandria, Dolce Alappia, Marrakech, Mollar, Nero, Wonderful.

Vivaio Omezzolli (no shipping outside Italy), cultivars : Gioconda, Granada, Nero.




The non-profit organization Plant Heritage (formely : National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens - NCCPG), in the United-Kingdom, does not present a collection of Punica granatum L. cultivars on the date of the last annual update of my article.

But it is a very interesting potential source. I recommend to consult every year the collections data base located on the Web site of the organization, in order to determine if an update has been made for Punica granatum L. 

In general, the owners of collections registered with Plant Heritage (individuals, professionals, institutions...) willingly exchange or sell cuttings, scionwoods or plants.



The GENRES 29 project, coordinated by the Firenze university involves 11 institutional partners (6 in Italy, 2 in Spain, 2 in Greece, 1 in France) which collect, preserve, evaluate and distribute the genetic resources of wild and cultivated fruit plants, principally in the Mediterranean area.

Among these institutions, 4 owns repositories of Punica granatum cultivars (accessions list).

The major part of the accessions are designated by a numeric identifierand you must refer to descriptive notices (with descriptor codes) for the cultivars.

The contact with the repositories teams of the GENRES 29 project largely depends on how you introduce yourself.

If you expose a context of general interest for your request (scientific observations, hybridization purpose, educational work, biodiversity promotion in the offer of a nursery...), and if you possibly propose an exchange, you generally will succeed in receiving some cuttings (for a reasonable number of cultivars).

If you have an important and credible project, it would also be possible to ask for going in the repository collections and get by yourself cuttings of a great number of cultivars.





Pomegranate plants

Edible Landscaping : as far as I know, it is the only American nursery offering rare pomegranate cultivars which accepts to ship to Europe for retail orders. Cultivars : Austin, Crimson Sky (Nikitskii Rannii), Desertnyi, Eve, Favorite, Makedonia, Parfankia, Phil's Sweet, Red Silk, Salavatski.


Pomegranate cuttings

England's orchard and Nursery (also known as Nuttrees Nursery) - owner Cliff England ; nursery located in Kentucky offering rare pomegranate cultivars cuttings (scionwoods) and which accepts to ship to Europe (See "Scion wood for sale" rubric).


Other nurseries

Numerous other American nurseries offer Punica granatum L. cultivars, but they do not ship to Europe. This is particularly regrettable because their offer is generally important, and in some cases outstanding.




The National Clonal Germplasm Repository (NCGR) of Davis, California, is part of the USDA/ARS. It owns a collection of 281 Punica granatum L. cultivars.

For the accessions list, enter the word Punica in the search engine of the NPGS data base.

For requesting (free) sending of cuttings, you must follow the procedure explained on the Web site. Moreover, you must comply with the NCGR directives about administrative procedures for importing plant material.

Attention, this institution does not send cuttings to simple gardeners, particularly if the requested cultivars are sold by nurseries in your country.

It is better if you expose a context of general interest when requesting the cuttings (scientific observations, hybridization purpose, educational work, biodiversity promotion in the offer of a nursery...).



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