Google translation


Rather good translation into English

Always significantly better than translation into your native language if not English

But deteriorated aspect of the pages due to

Separative lines suppressed between navigation bars, titles, paragraphs, photographs

On a same line, spaces suppressed between photographs or between an icon and a text

Titles in upper case often partially in lower case

Mix of upper case and lower case characters randomly generated in a same word or in a line


Words correctly written in languages other than French (especially Latin) are often misspelled in the translated text

You must not use the drop down menus (if you use them, you are directed to the French version and it is impossible to return to the English translated version, except using the previous page arrow of your browser ) - You must click on the rubric name, just above the drop down menu

External (and sometimes internal) links do not work - You can click on the link in the Google frame showing the text in French, but the automatic return to the original page does not work when you leave the accessed page (use the previous page arrow of your browser)


Once on the English translated Home page, click on the right double upwards arrow to reduce the Google title frame


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